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Reliable Finnish metal products
At the beginning of the 20th century all fire fighting equipment used in Finland were imported products. The situation caused many problems, one of the major concerns being the poor availability of spare parts – not to mention the high market prices.

To solve these problems, MAKO Osakeyhtiö was founded in 1920. MAKO started to manufacture equipment and products for fire fighting needs and quickly reached its status as a reliable supplier.

Today MAKO is not only a manufacturer, but also an importer providing materials in three sections: fire fighting products (fire service equipment), flow control products and Service.


MAKO provides the broadest selection on fire extinguishers in Finland. The Finnish Defence Forces as well as many industrial establishments use special extinguishers that are manufactured by MAKO. MAKOs wide-based extinguisher service network covers whole Finland, making sure that the products will always be ready to be used for the purpose they were designed for.

MAKO fire protection systems consist of automatic fire detection and gas extinguishing systems. These reliable systems are designed to detect fire hazards as early as possible and to extinguish them efficiently. Fire detection systems are suitable for protecting different areas in e.g. industrial, office and hospital establishments, as the extinguishing systems are designed to protect the ADP, telephone, electric and production lines in such establishments.

The MAKO valve selection consists of valves for industry, municipal engineering, power plants etc. MAKO is mostly specialized in different kinds of closing valves, safety and pressure control valves and small valves. In addition to self-manufactured products, MAKO also represents other well-known European valve-manufacturers in Finland.

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